COAF’s first SMART Center opened on May 27, 2018 in Lori, a region in Armenia’s mountainous north that still struggles from effects of the devastating earthquake of 1988. The Lori COAF SMART Center is a state-of-the-art campus for education and innovation and is accessible to over 250,000 people of the Lori region via the new M6 highway three minutes away. COAF friend and innovative architect Paul Kaloustian designed the 20,000 square foot building, which will operate as a dynamic “idea acquisition and exchange hub,” to invigorate the children of rural Armenia.

The COAF SMART model is designed to be replicated throughout rural Armenia. In the next ten years, we are implementing a strategic plan to realize a network of COAF SMART Centers, increasing access and empowering communities throughout the nation. Access to digital libraries and resources in robotics & IT, language trainings, arts & music, entrepreneurship, organic agriculture, economic sustainability form the foundation of each center. Each COAF SMART center will also create curriculum and unique initiatives that address the most pressing local issues.