Are you an experienced lawyer with a passion for the law, seeking an opportunity to make a meaningful impact by solving complex legal issues for our Fund? If so, then the role of COAF’s full-time Lawyer may be the perfect fit for you. Dive deeper into the specifics below.

Drafting and monitoring contracts and other legal documents (40%)

  • Prepare civil law contracts (including contractor agreements, service provisions, property alienation, etc.) and other contract types entered into with the foundation and partner organizations.
  • Create legal documentation for the Fund, conduct legal analyses, and offer legal opinions on a variety of documents.
  • Prepare documents related to the proceedings of the Fund’s Board of Trustees meetings and oversee the circulation of documents for these meetings.
  • Facilitate the drafting of decisions submitted to the RA Government’s Advisory Commission on Coordination of Charitable Programs and oversee the submission of tax-exempt transactions.
  • Monitor contract progress, manage the Fund’s contract database effectively, and ensure accurate recording of contracts in accordance with established procedures.
  • Ensure the smooth process of acquisition of movable and immovable property by the Fund in the territory of RA and other necessary actions arising from it. Oversee the state registration of rights to real estate acquired by the Fund and provide consultation on land issues.
  • Provide support to COAF employees by assisting in the management of contracts and other legal documents, ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Reporting, provision of suggestions and improvements (30%)

  • Conduct thorough analysis of legal problems and issues, and develop comprehensive proposals and solutions based on findings.
  • Analyze and interpret legal documents, recommending reforms to enhance the Fund’s legal policies.
  • Research legislative changes and updates, and present resulting proposals to management for consideration.
  • Provide reports on an as-needed basis.

Team Work (30%)

  • Collaborate with the team to enhance workflow efficiency and contribute to the advancement of initiatives within the Fund.
  • Innovate and implement strategies to cultivate a culture of collaboration, accountability, and success within the team (provide assistance to team members in meeting deadlines and achieving their assigned KPIs).


You will be joining the COAF team under the direct supervision of COAF’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Counsel.


We’re expecting your best and require that:


  • All about law, as you have higher education in the field of legal studies & more than three years of working experience
  • The legislation governing the activities of the Fund (the “Law on Foundations”, Civil Code of RA, Land Code of RA, and other relevant statutes).
  • Legislation of the RA
  • Excellent Armenian and English, both verbal and written,
  • Analytical thinking and decision-making techniques
  • Communication and negotiation techniques/skills
  • Excellent time, team and project management


  • An action taker & a fighter
  • Fair and flexible offering solutions
  • A good listener
  • Detail-oriented and capable of working independently
  • Results/action-orientated and have project management skills
  • Mission-driven; passionate about COAF activities
  • Excellent communicator and negotiator (written/verbal) and have strong facilitation skills
  • Emotionally intelligent and have strong collaboration and teamwork skills


  • Comprehend and accurately present readings
  • Collect, analyze and manage information
  • Solve problems and make a decision
  • Work hard and take direction and creatively solve problems even in situations with ambiguous solutions
  • Demonstrate adaptability and quick orientation in diverse situations


The “Children of Armenia” Charitable Fund (COAF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization aimed at improving the quality of life in rural Armenia, with a particular focus on children and youth. COAF’s target development areas are education, healthcare, child and family services, as well as social and economic development. COAF launched its programs in 2004, starting in one village and expanding to 82 villages and communities across the country with an investment of more than $70 million, impacting well over 107,000 people across rural Armenia.

Since 2015, COAF has developed and started implementing SMART Initiatives. COAF SMART is designed to advance a generation across the rural world through education that will benefit individuals, societies, and the environment. COAF SMART is an exemplary model of development and is presently being replicated in other regions and communities throughout Armenia. The first COAF SMART Center was inaugurated on May 27, 2018 near the village of Debet, Lori Region.

Note: COAF is a growing nonprofit working within a dynamic system. Our team must be agile as we grow in scale. We are looking for teammates who are resilient and adaptive.


  • A life-changing work experience
  • A job that you’d be passionate about
  • Competitive salary
  • A comprehensive health insurance package
  • 20 paid vacation days per year & additional paid flex hours
  • Career development opportunities
  • Free English and Eastern Armenian classes per need
  • Performance-based bonus
  • Positive and creative work environment


Take your first step and apply․

You have time until EoD May 13, 2024 to apply.

The organization conducts a day-to-day review of the applications, depending on the results of which, the hiring process and selection of the appropriate candidate can be carried out before the deadline.


2023: A Year of Resilience, Achievements, and Hope

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