Dzoragyugh: A village surrounded by canyons

Endless plains and mountains reaching to the clouds, and ravines hanging from the fields, through which Dzoraget flows. This year-round panorama can be viewed from the balcony of almost every house in Dzoragyugh.

“Oh, wow” is probably the best expression in the Lori dialect to convey the region’s landscape in all its beauty.

More than the scene, the people of Dzoragyugh show with special pride their very own local Grand Canyon, Tsits Kar, “Kir and Akhper” (meaning Sister and Brother) fortress and “Berdshen” settlement (2-3rd millennium BC).

For Kolya, it does not matter if he’s inflating balloons or balls.

View of Dzoragyugh’s Surb Astvatsatsin church (1906).

Men are going to go to the field. This year, thanks to the seeds provided within the framework of COAF’s CheeseUp initiative, more autumn sowing was done.

16-year-old Manvel is going to take the herd to the mountains. He has a lot of experience in shepherding. At first he helped his grandparents, but now he manages 400 flocks alone.

The equipment for field work is being repaired.

The last harvest of autumn.

Grandmother Argenisa does not miss the opportunity to work under the warm sun of late autumn.

Grandpa Suren is happy with this year’s potato harvest. He says it’s enough to feed three families.

Grandpa Suren, 70, explains that the soil should be dug twice, in the spring before sowing and in the fall after harvest.

Get acquainted with the future constructor of Dzoragyugh, Sirak. Remember his face, you will hear about him.

Portrait from the “frontline.” The friends dug a trench at the entrance to their village and are keeping their “position” with their dog.

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