Nurturing Children, Strengthening Families

COAF’s Child & Family Services stand as a powerful catalyst for transformation, illuminating the path towards safety and stability for children and families across Armenia and Artsakh. Our multidisciplinary team of educators, social workers, psychologists, and speech therapists works tirelessly to provide individualized and group services. 

By actively involving parents at every step, we foster a community that thrives on understanding and acceptance, breaking down the barriers of social stigma surrounding mental health.

Children, parents, and teachers benefited from psychological programs
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Children received speech therapy
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COAF's Education Programs for the Youngest Learners

In Armenia, the future of our children hangs in the balance. With 70% of young minds lacking access to preschool education, we cannot afford to stand idly by. The early childhood years are a critical window for cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth. Yet, without proper nurturing and guidance, the consequences can be dire, leaving lasting scars on their lives.

COAF’s Child Development Program helps change this narrative for children aged 3 to 6. We believe in the power of comprehensive development and aim to create a safe and nurturing environment where each child can flourish. Through multidisciplinary educational activities like art, music, drama, play, and physical engagement, we unlock their unique strengths and fuel their curiosity.

Each child in our program is valued and receives an individualized development plan. With our team of trained psychologists at their side, we address any challenges that arise, ensuring no child is left behind. 

Building Resilience: COAF's Social Work Services

In rural Armenia, the harsh realities of low income and widespread unemployment have given rise to formidable social problems like poverty and marginalization. The lack of a viable social protection system further compounds the challenges, leaving the rural population vulnerable and trapped in financial instability. 

To break this cycle and create lasting change, COAF employs and trains dedicated local social workers. These professionals don’t just address immediate needs but go deeper, targeting the root causes that perpetuate inequality. Through rigorous assessments, our social workers help individuals and families uncover untapped potential, connect with valuable resources, and build support networks they never knew existed.

Amplifying Rural Voices Through Speech Therapy

Our targeted speech therapy services shatter the barriers of speech disorders, supporting children aged 3 and above to embrace their true selves. With 15% of children in every classroom impacted by speech disorders, COAF is dedicated to making a profound difference in their lives. Our comprehensive program combines individual and group sessions twice a week, empowering children to master the art of communication, achieve school readiness, and develop vital pre-literacy skills.

We believe in a collaborative approach, actively engaging parents and teachers through awareness-raising initiatives, educational seminars, and regular meetings, fostering a supportive network for each child’s progress. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by children with more severe mental disorders, such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy, we provide unwavering therapy and support for their holistic development.

Over the years, our efforts have yielded remarkable results, with over 1,800 children triumphing over speech difficulties since 2012. Witnessing an impressive 83.6% success rate within a year, we proudly unlock the transformative power of communication, giving voice to dreams and aspirations.

Mindful Growth: Comprehensive Psychological Care

COAF’s psychological services focus on nurturing the mental well-being of children and youth, paving the way for their growth into resilient and balanced adults. By fostering a supportive atmosphere through positive reinforcement, playful learning, and attentive care, we lay a robust foundation for their social and emotional development.

We go beyond just caring for children; we also provide essential psychological counseling and support for parents. Through close collaboration with school psychologists, we continually strive to develop more effective approaches to tackle challenges like learning difficulties, bullying, school-related stress, and other crucial areas. 


In 2021, COAF launched its groundbreaking Child & Family Center (CFC) in Hatsik village, Armavir, providing a transformative hub that brings together vital Child & Family Services. Through free and accessible preschool education, speech therapy, and psychosocial support, COAF extends a helping hand to rural residents across five communities.

The CFC’s physical presence in Armavir breaks down barriers, tackling the stigma surrounding mental health and social issues, and drives forward tangible progress for a brighter future.


COAF’s journey reaches new heights with the inauguration of a new Child & Family Center in Armavir’s Karakert village, where COAF first began its rural development programs two decades ago. This second CFC in Armavir extends our reach to five more communities, bringing our transformative programs to a total of ten communities in the region.


COAF’s unwavering commitment to the people of Artsakh culminated in a momentous milestone in 2022 with the establishment of the Child & Family Center in Stepanakert. By providing vital resources, such as early childhood education, speech therapy, psychological care, and social work assistance, we not only address immediate challenges but also nurture resilience for the journey ahead. 


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