EMPOWERING VILLAGE YOUTH: Unleashing Potential through
SMART Initiatives

At COAF, we firmly believe in the innate potential of every human being to learn, evolve, and drive transformative change. Through our SMART Initiatives, we bring a wealth of educational resources and creative development opportunities to villages across the country. By broadening the horizons of village youth, we foster a generation of bold thinkers, dreamers, and doers.

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Welcome to the COAF SMART Center, where innovation meets education for children and youth aged 3-18. Our unique non-formal education hub takes students on a transformative 2-3 year-long journey towards SMART Citizenship. Equipped with a holistic outlook, our graduates become proactive individuals ready to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the 21st century.

Seed Track: Cultivating the Future Generation

At the SMART Center's Child Development Corner, we sow the seeds of knowledge and growth in children aged 3-6. Through high-quality early childhood education, we prepare them for a seamless transition from preschool to primary school. Our dedicated focus on social, mental, and physical development ensures that every child's potential blossoms to its fullest.

Root Track: Empowering Active Citizenship

The COAF SMART Citizenship Curriculum in Root Track is a transformative journey that spans 2 to 3 years. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cultivate responsible and actively involved citizens, equipped to understand and address the challenges facing their communities, nation, and the world.

STEM Track: Nurturing Lifelong Learning

The SMART Center goes beyond youth education, extending valuable opportunities to adults through our STEM Track. We offer vocational training in diverse fields, such as culinary arts, restaurant management, and beekeeping, empowering adults to pursue new career paths and growth.


At the core of the SMART Center model lies the transformative SMART Citizenship Curriculum, embracing the revolutionary 3Hs Educational Theory – Head, Heart, Hand. This pioneering approach places a profound emphasis on a well-rounded education, empowering students by nurturing their cognitive brilliance (Head), fostering emotional intelligence and empathy (Heart), and cultivating essential practical skills (Hand).


The Head category is meticulously designed to impart knowledge, foster critical thinking, and cultivate academic skills that are essential for success in the modern world.


The Heart category aims to nurture social adeptness and foster reflective and mindful individuals, empowering our students to not only achieve personal growth but to also be a force for positive change in the world.


Through our Hand curriculum, students embrace a diverse array of practical disciplines, ranging from technical skills to creative arts, empowering them to become proficient problem solvers and innovative thinkers.

Cultivating Changemakers through After-School Programs

COAF’s groundbreaking Student Council program ignites the flame of civic engagement among rural youth in the Armavir, Aragatsotn, and Lori regions. With an extensive reach across 29 communities, our after-school initiative is a transformative force, equipping young individuals with invaluable skills and unwavering values to emerge as influential leaders in school management, community development, and nation-building. Together, we are forging a path towards a brighter future, where empowered minds shape a stronger, more united society.

COAF’s after-school clubs are the gateway to a world of boundless opportunities for rural youth in the Armavir and Aragatsotn regions. With a reach spanning 29 communities, our dynamic programs open doors to a diverse array of activities encompassing sports, arts, and STEM education. Through engaging and hands-on experiences, we foster a love for learning and a spirit of curiosity that will propel them towards a brighter future.

For over a decade, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Armenia, COAF has spearheaded a revolutionary initiative — the English Access Program. From fostering cross-cultural understanding to nurturing global citizenship, the English Access Program has provided over 2,000 young minds with access to quality English education and the promise of boundless opportunities. As these children embrace the universal language of connectivity, they gain the skills and knowledge to unlock their true potential and transcend geographical barriers.


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