By pioneering innovative programs and extending unwavering support, we strive to uplift entire communities and foster a culture of well-being. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to deliver high-quality interventions and treatments, complemented by easily accessible, comprehensive health education. Our ultimate goal is to equip every Armenian with the tools they need to take charge of their health, igniting a transformative journey towards tangible and lasting improvements in their physical well-being. 

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We believe that good health is the foundation for a thriving society. COAF’s Health Programs aim to elevate disease management and foster a culture of well-being from the very beginning. Our pioneering approach starts in primary school, instilling healthy habits and advocating for positive lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.  Through hands-on training, we empower local health providers with the knowledge and skills to provide quality care in rural areas.

In Armenia, cancer remains a relentless adversary, standing as the second leading cause of death. Our commitment is to confront this formidable challenge head-on, placing utmost priority on early detection. Through regular screenings and tireless efforts, we relentlessly strive to identify and treat thyroid, prostate, and breast cancer, igniting hope and saving invaluable lives within our communities. Additionally, by arming adults with information and self-examination tools we raise awareness of the signs and symptoms associated with cancer.

In the heart of rural areas, where dental hygiene is often overlooked, and clean water is scarce, an urgent dental crisis persists. Here, dental diseases affect an astonishing 99% of children within COAF-supported communities. By empowering the young generation with early oral health education and placing specialized tooth brushing stations, known as “Brushodromes,” in schools and our SMART Center in Lori, we are nurturing healthier smiles and transforming lives.

Our Capacity Building program is dedicated to empowering local doctors and nurses in rural areas, providing them with the essential tools and knowledge to excel in their medical practice. By working hand in hand with dedicated health experts, we are committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth with a primary focus on pediatric care.

Our dedication extends beyond national borders as we build meaningful partnerships with skilled Armenian doctors from the diaspora and international medical experts.


With the establishment of Dsegh Health Center, we are revolutionizing healthcare in Lori’s Dsegh village and beyond. Our upcoming regional health center is a groundbreaking initiative driven by our commitment to delivering exceptional primary care services through meaningful partnerships and active community engagement. As we prepare for our launch in fall 2023, we proudly stand among the vanguard of the primary care strengthening reform spearheaded by the RA Ministry of Health. 


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