Beekeeping: developing industry and profitable business in Lori

Honey is an integral part of an Armenian breakfast table, and beliefs about its health benefits pass down from generation to generation.

Closer to the stars: Starmus at SMART

The Starmus VI Festival of science and art was hosted for a day at the COAF SMART Center in Debet Village, Lori Province.

The future foley artists of the Sound Design program

Hayk’s life lessons from his village, education, and army years

Eighty-five percent of COAF scholarship holders are female students from rural Armenia.

Marts: the village, the mountains and life in between

Most inhabitants of Marts village (Lori region) go to the mountains to work every year, and some even go with their families.

Vahagni village, home of Vahagn the Dragon Slayer

Welcome to the village of Vahagni (Lori province), immersed in the high mountains and golden seas of wheat.


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