A New, Modern, and Inspiring School Coming Soon to Debet

Today, on April 10, an important milestone was reached in the Debet community of the Lori region. The groundbreaking ceremony for the rural secondary school was held.

The event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, Araksia Svajyan, Governor of Lori Province, Aram Ghazaryan, Head of Community of the Municipality of Pambak, Suren Kostandyan, other representatives of government and the local community, and COAF’s Managing Director, Liana Ghaltaghchyan.

The construction of the school is an initiative that’s part of COAF’s Rural Communities Holistic Development programs, creating the opportunity for hundreds of children and youth to receive quality education tailored to the demands of the 21st century and the best conditions for study.

COAF took on the commitment to build a new primary school in Debet taking into account the dilapidated state and seismic risks of the existing building. COAF is investing over $1.7 million in the construction of the new school, which will result in a modern educational facility including bright and colorful classrooms, specialized laboratories, and interactive rooms that are designed not only to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, but also to encourage the active involvement of children in the process.

In her opening remarks, COAF’s Managing director Liana Ghaltaghchyan noted that “along with the various programs and construction projects implemented in Lori Province by COAF, today marked the start of construction for the Debed School. Our goal is to support the creation of the infrastructures necessary for obtaining quality education as much as possible. I would like to highlight that, like our other projects, the construction of the Debed School goes hand in hand with training its staff. We are not only building the school’s structure, but also aim to create an environment where children and teachers will be able to discover and realize their own potential, work and learn in a setting that fosters creativity, and form broadened horizons.”

Araksia Svajyan, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports gave a welcome speech, in which she expressed “Currently, the educational system is in a period of rather extensive reforms. One of the most important programs implemented in this context is the Government’s “300 schools and 500 kindergartens” program and I think that the construction of this school comes to supplement the mentioned program. Naturally, this would not have been possible if the Children of Armenia Fund did not actively work with benefactors. Our big thanks to the foundation and to all those who want to contribute to our country, particularly in school construction and programs aimed at changes in the field of education.“

The governor of Lori province, Aram Ghazaryan emphasized the importance of establishing a new quality educational institution in Debet village, noting “”It is not for nothing that it is said that one of the important prerequisites for the development of the state is the provision of the best education, and for that, the creation of a favorable educational environment is also important. In this regard, I congratulate the residents of Lori Province, particularly of Debet, on the start of the construction of a modern school. Soon, we will have an innovative and advanced educational structure that will help each student to discover their potential in a creative environment, to develop their abilities by receiving a quality education.”

Following inspiring speeches, attendees heard a heartfelt message from the Mangoian’s children, the benefactors of the school, in which they promised to remain embedded in the very foundation of the Debed school as a testament to this momentous day and a beacon for future generations. It read:

“We are honored to dedicate this school to the Children of Armenia. It is our hope that for generations to come, the young minds of talented Armenian youth will have the opportunity to flourish.

As descendants of genocide survivors, we never forgot our Armenian roots. Beyond living a full Armenian life, focused on family, we always prioritized education for our two children. It was and remains our strong belief that education is the one thing no one can ever take away from you, no matter the circumstances.

We are the past, you are the future. Learn well.”

The construction of the Debed school is officially underway. In the near future, hundreds of children and young adults, as well as the hundreds of the generations to follow, will have access to top-tier education and optimal learning environments tailored for the demands of the 21st century.

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