Smithy, poultry, specialty kitchen: 3 new businesses in Debet

New economic opportunities are the veins nourishing and keeping small rural communities alive. One of the key directions of COAF’s “SMART village” approach implemented in Lori’s Debet village is the creation of business opportunities along with infrastructure investments and capacity-building initiatives.

In addition to the “D SALON” beauty salon and “Debet Delights” bakery-restaurant business projects covered in our previous blogs, COAF supports the establishment of yet another three business projects: a smithery, poultry, and the enhanced commercial kitchen of the Chamich guest house, all of which will soon become active parts of the economic and entertainment life of the village.

Poultry farm

In 2020, we initiated several business investment projects toward creating permanent workplaces and sources of income for men/fathers seeking employment abroad (mainly in Russia) using the funds raised during our 2020 Father’s Day fundraising campaign. The poultry farm is one of them.

With the support of COAF, a small poultry farm is currently under construction on the land of Garik Nazlukhanyan, a resident of Debet. “We will start with 500 chickens and increase their number to 1000,” explains Garik.

Various members of Garik’s 9-member family will be involved in the works, and three permanent workplaces will be established in the village. “Our family will have a good regular income thanks to this program,” says Garik.


28-year-old Telemak Voskanyan once expressed his idea of making metal souvenirs with the village’s logo — and it turned out to be a brilliant business idea!

The story begins with the recent pandemic. “We were engaged in blacksmithing in Russia and had to return to the village due to COVID-19. Our business idea won a grant in the competition announced by COAF,” says Telemak.

While Telemak and his father personally carry out the construction works of the forge, new orders do not keep them waiting. Using their current tools, the blacksmiths make gates, railings, design elements, and plan to establish a furnace, a souvenir corner, and a section where tourists can prepare a piece themselves.
One more family business, one less emigrated family from Debet!

The specialty cuisine of Chamich guest house

Debet hospitality businesses are increasing in number and diversity. Chamich guest house, an intimate and cozy corner where you can spend a night, enjoy delicious dishes of Armenian cuisine, and absorb Debet’s heavenlike nature, is also a part of these developments.

Within the framework of developing business projects in Debet, Chamich Guest House also received support from COAF. The goal is to establish a specialized kitchen attached to the guest house, where culinary master classes will be held along with the preparation of gourmet dishes.

The expanded kitchen of Chamich will be able to serve 80-90 visitors, and the cooking classes will include 15-20 people. Thanks to this project, six new jobs will be created in Debet.


Everything begins with an idea. COAF collects business ideas from the residents of Debet every year to support their realization. Thanks to our supporters, the best of the presented business plans come to life, becoming an opportunity for families not to emigrate, have a stable source of income, and find solutions to years-long seemingly insoluble problems!

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