Empowering children with management skills

They say the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

We prepare the youth of the COAF SMART Center for a better tomorrow by making a wide range of modern professions accessible to them.

Our world is evolving and often changing at a hectic pace. How to manage things if not with upgraded management skills?

Management is one of the Entrepreneurship programs offered to the Lori region students attending the SMART Center. It teaches youths about the nature of power, influence, and leadership and introduces the concepts such as time management, decision-making, team-building, and conflict management.

Good time management skills help students prioritize tasks so they can complete school work and assignments on time. “One of the most useful things I’ve learned during the Management program is the ability to prioritize urgent and important tasks and find self-motivation to achieve my big and small goals,” explains Karina Varosyan, a Management program student from the town of Alaverdi.   

Students also explore the cross-cultural differences in management, namely the attitudes, behaviors, functioning, and cultural orientations of individual managers and organization members.

For some students, the program uncovers the psychology of human behavior. “To me, the highlight of the program is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that explains the theory of human motivation,” says Syuzi Ghulinyan, a COAF SMART student and a passionate guitar player from Dsegh village. ⁣

Being an after-school program the course also differs from primary school classes by the games, activities, quizzes, and online learning materials included in the curriculum. 

Students also learn how to write a motivation letter and a CV, something that may later be a challenging endeavor for those unfamiliar with the professional guidelines. 

“I encourage my students out-of-box thinking and try to show them with examples that there are no right or wrong answers. Every opinion matters,” says Naira Evoyan, the Management Program Instructor at COAF SMART. 

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