Open-air movie theater: Dsegh edition

What’s more perfect than watching a movie under the stars on a warm summer night? Especially when it is in one of the most lavish green villages of Armenia – Dsegh of the Lori region!

We always go after the ideas and projects our students envision for their communities. In fall 2019, we initiated a grant competition for community projects designed by COAF beneficiaries. One of the three grant-winning projects was the open-air movie theater in Dsegh village, Lori region.

Just like in the majority of Armenian villages, the residents of the community do not have a movie theater, many children and teenagers have never visited the cinema, and many of them do not even have a TV. There are no entertainment places for them to feel socially and culturally enriched.

We want to help Armenian children build and live in the community they dream of. Through our educational initiatives, we want to strengthen their creative mindset and the sense of ownership of their communities. Our kids wanted to have a unique movie night experience, so we had to make it come true!

It’s movie time is Dsegh!

Kids in the village of Dsegh have been enjoying their new outdoor cinema. Youngsters gather at the local park on a weekly basis for movie screenings.

Gayane Kharatyan is a COAF SMART Alumna who is among the event organizers. “My grandma often tells me how they were organizing community events during Soviet times: movie screenings, tea-tasting parties, and discussions. Inspired by that, we wanted to have a similar social experience in our village,” says the young Dseghtsi, who is soon going to be a freshman at Vanadzor State University.

With the 500,000 AMD grant, our students have purchased outdoor sitting mattresses, sound dynamics, a projector, and a white sheet. Due to the COVID-19 situation in the country, the screenings launched a little later than intended. All kids are required to wear masks and keep a comfortable distance from one another during gatherings. The event organizers also collaborate with the local authorities of Dsegh that provide the electricity and free masks and gloves to the visitors.

The Dsegh open-air movie theater is a magical, unique experience that is perfect for a balmy end of summer nights. When staying at our Concept Hotel by COAF, this is one of the best picks for all movie lovers who want to up their watching experience.

Check out more about Dsegh, one of the most rustic villages of Armenia, and plan a weekend to see it all yourself!

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