Lernapat village by the mountains

Situated in Lori Province, Lernapat Village  (meaning enclosed by mountains in Armenian) is known for its community dance group and its fleet of drones. Here the adults dance the Lernapar (mountain dance), and the children fly drones high above the mountains.

The people are convinced they don’t need to promote their village to attract tourists. There has been so much media coverage already that most of the inhabitants are practically TV stars now. However, they tell us they won’t allow their newfound fame to get to their heads. They will continue to farm animals and also grow the tastiest raspberries with the same zest. They will also never allow any visitor to leave without enjoying a full meal and making small talk first.

The happy bus of Lernapat Village.

No one walks by Rex indifferently.

“..the rosehip doesn’t know, and couldn’t have known, that it is Armenian…” – Armenian poet H. Sahyan

Artavazd makes a living farming livestock. His teenage sons gave him the idea to breed rabbits.

Winter in Lernapat is going to be colorful and delicious.

Rousanne’s preserves are exceptionally tasty because she always sings while making them.

Narineh takes care of the rabbits when her sister’s away.

A houseful of children.

Rousanne’s multifunctioning mode is on. She’s kneading dough for bread and making preserves at the same time. She’s getting ready to visit her grandkids in the city.

Edmon doesn’t go to kindergarten, because his house turns into one when his cousins come over.

Wool willowing season is drawing to a close.

A postcard from Lernapat.

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