The Mane vs. Gago Duo

– Did you place Gago somewhere comfortable? So jump on stage…

– Gago is already sitting, so you can start painting…

This is how the Drawing and Drama Therapy programs of 11-year-old Mane from Lernagog start.

Gago is a doll who has been Mane’s inseparable friend for more than ten years. Children and instructors managed to adapt to Gago’s presence.

Mane is one of the first participants in the COAF Drawing Program in Lernagog. She remembers that when the students were introduced to the Basketball and Drawing programs at their school, she did not doubt that she would register for the program.

A year ago, Mane found out about “My Theater” and was so excited that she spent the whole day talking her family’s ear off theater.

“Painting and theater help me create freely and live different chapters of life,” says Mane.

She wants to become an actress and “a little bit a designer.” And most of all, she would like to be like the heroine of the famous “Rapunzel” cartoon.

* The choice of Gago’s name is an unknown history.

Mane is using the new painting tools she received as a gift. Gago is slowly observing the process.

21 children aged 9-13 are involved in the COAF Drawing program in Lernagog.

Instructor Kristine Avagyan explains to Mane the nuances of painting a building.

Mane dreams of a little, girly, fluffy dog, which she will be able to keep and take care of at home.

Mane, of course, has a lot of dolls and stuffed animals, but they can’t compete with Gago.

The participants of Lernagog’s “My Theater” program are preparing for a new performance. This time Mane plays the role of a blue dot.

In one hand, are the requisites for the theater; in the other, the painting tools. Of course, you’ve already met Gago, haven’t you?

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