The Poghosyan Sisters Tandem

The older one is engaged in tailoring and dreams of becoming a programmer-chemist, while the younger one is engaged in crocheting and dreams of becoming an artist-tailor. The Poghosyan sisters are united by tennis, love of South Korean contemporary music, and engineering.

When COAF’s Engineering and Basketball programs were launched two years ago in the Shenik community of the Armavir region, the 12-year-old Anahit Poghosyan hurried to register for the basketball courses.

“The basketball team came together very quickly, and I did not have time to register. That’s how I got into the Engineering program,” says Anahit, who loved engineering so much that she soon “brought” her younger sister, 9-year-old Nune, to engineering as well.

Anahit says with special pride that although Nune is young, she is good at engineering.

A new member has been added to the Poghosyan sisters. Anahit now spends most of her free time with her newborn sister.
Nune loves to crochet bracelets and give them to friends.
The new tandem of the Poghosyan sisters.
Despite the age difference, the sisters help each other with homework.
The fried potatoes (Plech) season is officially open in Shenik.
Nune is a great master of cooking on the stove. The people at home love the warm “wraps” of lavash and cheese made by her the most.
Leggo Robotics is also part of COAF’s Engineering program.
Sixteen children attend the Engineering program in Shenik. Nune is one of the youngest.

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