Vahagnadzor: A village full of children

Around 8 PM, if you suddenly find yourself in the playground of Vahagnadzor village and hear the children chant in unison, “Batum, Batum,” don’t be confused. You are still in Vahagnadzor village of the Lori region. 

The children are just impatiently waiting for the arrival of the Yerevan-Batumi train. 

During the summer, the Yerevan-Batumi train stops briefly at Vahagnadzor station. During that short break, the children of the village treat the train passengers to cold spring water while the passengers treat the children to sweets.

6-year-old Arthur is so attached to the kittens that he doesn’t let anybody else adopt them.
Mother and son.
It is jokingly said that 3-year-old Daniel is the “tormenter” of chickens. He makes them run across the yard all day.
If there is water, then it’s Vardavar every day.
In Vahagnadzor, like in many villages in Lori, the number of children triples during the summer months. Most of the children spend their summer vacations in the village.
The Yerevan-Batumi train at Vahagnadzor station. Today was not a successful day. There was no reception.
The only entertainment place for children in the village is the small playground and the area near the station. Soon, however, they will have a mini football field.
3-year-old Sevak is a skilled cyclist, despite his rather “young” age and the rocky roads in the middle of the village.
The face of 9-year-old Hasmik when it’s her turn to ride the bike. There are five sisters and one bicycle.
Summer is over, the Yerevan-Batumi train season will end soon.

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