Vahagni village, home of Vahagn the Dragon Slayer

Welcome to the village of Vahagni (Lori province), immersed in the high mountains and golden seas of wheat. The village is named after Vahagn Vishapakagh (Vahagn the Dragon Slayer), who was a god of fire, thunder, and war worshiped in ancient Armenia.

A monument of Vahagn Vishapakagh has been guarding the gates of the village since 1973. Surrounded by lush green mountains, Vahagn stands triumphantly on his high pedestal. He protects the village and the children running under his feet with a bold look.

It is the hottest time of summer, and that means the villagers have scattered across the fields, mountains and valleys like diligent bees to work. It won’t be until late fall, before the people assemble in the village again.

Let’s take a ride on the wings of the cool summer breeze, over the mountains of Vahagni, through the valley and along the river stream.

Lilit and her sister are on watch on the mountain today. Their parents have gone down to the village to work.

What is the view like from your window?

Hamlet is one of the COAF SMART students who successfully apply the knowledge they’ve gained through the Agritech program. He is engaged in rabbit breeding, and grows raspberries and exotic vegetables with his family.

The world and the mountain.

Seda manages to grow vegetables and raise bees on the mountain.

The only connection with the world is through phone or radio.

Maro tells us that they hand in most of the milk, and consume or sell the rest.

The life cycle of bread.

Hamlet doesn’t even have time to “wipe his nose” in the summer.

A view of the neighborhoods of Vahagni.

Football championship in Vahagni.

Growing raspberries has become a profitable business for the villagers.

St. Sarkis church (1812) is being restored.

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