The future foley artists of the Sound Design program

COAF SMART Center is a non-formal education hub tackling the holistic development of a child. Upon entering the Center students ages 6-18 are offered 18 programs in engineering, arts, music, entrepreneurship, foreign languages, and athletics. The diversity they’re offered uncovers and instills interest in new spheres, professions, and opportunities among our youth.

Sound Design is one of the courses, along with Musical Instruments and Vocals, that aims to familiarize participants with various music production techniques and the role of music in helping shape emotional responses and create a rhythm to scenes.

Students learn the basics of sound design with creative audio processing techniques that will help them sculpt their own signature sound. Simultaneously, they get acquainted with world-famous bands and movies considered eternal in music and movie production history.

Sound design is a critical part of filmmaking as it adds emotion to the movie, making it feel more real. During the first phase of the program, participants master tools such as GarageBandLogicPro, and iMovie, followed by exploring different movies and cartoons to comprehend the role of sounds and melodies.

One thing all students are obsessed with is experimenting with catching the sounds of different motions and human actions: crunches, giggles, bubbles, creaks, smashes…

“The most fun part of the program is recording sounds and getting a completely different sound from it. For instance, once we produced a dinosaur roar from street noises,” says Mariam Kharatyan, a COAF SMART Center student from Marts village.

To conclude, there are multiple ways COAF SMART Center students can execute the skills obtained during the program in the future, from simple YouTube content creation to becoming professional foley artists.

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