From The Beatles, Queen and Bach to trending songs of TikTok

Each corner of the COAF SMART Center has its character and ambiance. The music room is probably the artsiest one: there is always a melody playing, there are all kinds of musical instruments, and it’s where the most creative improvisations and discussions take place.

One of the programs taught in the room is Vocals, in the framework of which students develop their vocal skills, musical taste, emphasizing the development of musical literacy, listening, rhythm skills, and performance.

Instructor Liza 

Music occupies 80% of the everyday life of Liza Yepremyan, the Instructor of Vocals program․ “I either sing, or play, or listen to music,” says Liza, who does not consider herself a musician, “Being a musician sounds like a huge responsibility, I prefer to be just a person who plays and listens to music,” she says. 

When singing in the choir of “Little Singers”, Liza was convinced for the first time that the work is directly proportional to the result․ “What you’ll achieve only depends on you. The more you work, the more you will achieve,” she believes. Liza has been in love with music since she was a teenager. She has been teaching since 21 and now transmits the same love to the youth of the COAF SMART Center.

“Solidarity between Generations”

In addition to composing, psychological conversations are an integral part of the Vocals program. Just as students walk towards the music field suggested by Liza, likewise, Liza tries to understand the taste and preferences of students’ generation. “The trendy songs of TikTok are very popular among children — we also pick the quality music content from TikTok and improvise with it. For instance, we listen to Aurora’s “Runaway”, Tones and I’s “Dance Monkey”, and modern interpretations of popular songs that are close to children’s hearts.”

In other words, the SMART Vocals program is a “solidarity between generations”: students listen to Bach, the Beatles, Queen, and the trendy tracks of TikTok. By the way, COAF has recently joined TikTok too. Follow us here

Try everything, choose your cup of tea

“We talk a lot with students to get to know and understand each other. We discuss different points of view, alternatives, musical directions so that in that great variety, everyone can choose what they like, where they belong to,” explains Instructor Liza.

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