Zohrab Nikolyan: From Kickboxing to Judo

When Kickboxing classes in Arteni were discontinued due to the epidemic and then moved to another community, Zohrab was most sad.

The 12-year-old Zohrab Nikolyan has been involved in professional kickboxing for three years, taking top positions in pan-Armenian and international tournaments.

And when the COAF Judo program entered Arteni last year, Zohrab’s joy knew no bounds. He was the first one to register, then “infected” his younger brother, Edmon, with judo.

The brothers are the first ones to leave their home, then while giving a shout to the neighboring boys, they rush to the school gym. Before the coach arrives, they have to arrange the tatami mats and prepare for the training.

After school, Zohrab has to hurry home so that he doesn’t arrive late for his judo lessons.

Geography class in Arteni’s secondary school 1. Zohrab with his classmates.

Zohrab answers a question during geography class with the help of a map.

Before training, Zohrab straightens his brother Edmon’s belt.

Between classes, Zohrab likes to learn new techniques on the playground’s climbing pole.

22 children participate in COAF’s Judo program in Arteni.

Zohrab takes judo seriously. He says he wants to become a professional athlete.

If there is a training device, then the brothers will not miss the opportunity to train.

If there is a training device, then the brothers will not miss the opportunity to train.

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