Education as
the Cornerstone of Rural Development

COAF’s Education programs are a beacon of hope, igniting the flames of change within students across Armenia.

Through our rigorous extracurricular initiatives, we provide young minds with the tools they need to not only excel academically but also to become advocates for their communities and architects of their nation’s future.

Advancing Healthcare in Rural Armenia

COAF is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare services in rural areas of Armenia. By implementing high-quality interventions and treatments, coupled with accessible and comprehensive health education, we strive to equip generations of Armenians with the necessary resources to take charge of their health and make tangible improvements in their physical well-being.

Fostering Economic Development in Armenia's Rural Heartland

In pursuit of empowering rural communities, COAF’s Economic Development program stands as a beacon of progress, driving forward business and infrastructure to unlock the full potential of each village. Through meticulous assessment and evaluation, we identify the unique competitive advantages and investment opportunities that lie dormant in these communities, waiting to be harnessed for a brighter future.

Transforming Rural Communities through Child & Family Services

Our Child & Family Services embrace a holistic approach that leaves no aspect of a child’s well-being to chance. From speech therapy that empowers children to find their voice, to psychological support that helps them navigate the complexities of emotions, and social work services that provide a safety net for families in need – we stand by their side, guiding them through every step of their journey.



Discover our impactful economic projects in Armenia’s Lori region! We’re boosting local hospitality and tourism, fueling the region’s growth. Every penny earned is reinvested in COAF’s programs, creating a cycle of positive change benefiting the whole community.


Immerse yourself in Concept hospitality, where modernity meets nature at the foot of Lori’s majestic mountains. Experience a contemporary hotel that promises comfort and tranquility, a unique conference center perfect for corporate gatherings and retreats, and a culinary haven offering vibrant international and local cuisine.


Positioned strategically at the intersection of M6 & H22, COAF’s Visitor Center serves as a gateway for travelers eager to explore the wonders of Lori. Beyond providing valuable travel information, our Visitor Center equips adventurers with hiking and biking equipment, ensuring they make the most of their journey through this enchanting region.



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