Elen Poghosyan: the source of walking energy

The energy and spirit of 11-year-old Elen Poghosyan from the village of Shenik in Armavir are not inferior to the energy of an entire power plant. Another thing to know about Ellen is that if she puts something in her mind, it’s hard for anyone to hold her back.

At the age of 11, she became involved in engineering, football, needlework, dance, and basketball. But, of course, her interests are not limited to these activities. She wants to become a basketball coach and a dance teacher at the same time. She has been dancing for six years, and it has been one year since she is participating in the COAF Basketball program, and she has no intention of leaving it.

Ellen has recently mastered the art of riding a large bicycle and does not miss the opportunity to measure the village by bicycle.
Basketballs are prepared before the game with the gym teacher.
Ellen has been playing basketball for a year, but she is already thinking about becoming a professional coach.
The people of the house say that if Ellen puts something in her mind, no one can hold her back from her decision. So one day, she decided and started playing in GOALS NGO’s girl’s team in Shenik.
Judging by Elen and her friends’ enthusiasm for reading, Shenik can be considered one of the most book-loving villages.
Ellen, her sister, and her brother share a bicycle. She negotiates with her younger brother Azat to drive longer than usual.
The sisters complain that they are not trusted with household chores. However, this time, grandma gave in, and Ellen had a chance to brag about her “most popular dish: fried potatoes.”
The “accomplice” of Ellen’s adventures is her older sister, Lucy.
The “most popular fish, fried potatoes” in the process.
“There is a concert in our house every day,” says Ellen’s grandmother with a smile. The sisters have been dancing for six years.
Everyone is in place. You can start the game.

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