The Petrosyan Sisters: SMART Record Breakers and a Future Nobel Prize Winner

In the Petrosyan’s sisters’ family from Odzun, it’s become an ongoing joke that “no SMART program goes without a few side-effects.”

Proving the point, 12-year-old Vergine, inspired by her agrotech program, planted a small raspberry patch in their garden, and 17-year-old Nare, in her obsession with Chinese culture, has sworn off the traditional fork, opting for chopsticks.

The Petrosyan sisters are both record holders of the SMART Programs Marathon. Currently, both are doing their tenth program. This will be the final SMART program for Nare, and Vergine is set on graduating all 15.

“SMART, first and foremost, is a place for opportunities, discovering your own capabilities, and making friends from different communities,” says Nare.

The sisters are also winners of the “Modernization of Armenian Culture” art competition jointly organized by COAF and the Vahé & Lucie Foundation.

It’s impossible to live in a family of artists and not draw at least a little. All of Vergine’s instructors have portraits drawn by her, and Nare has managed to decorate all of the vinyl records in their house.

Remember Nare: with the utmost sense of responsibility, she promises to win a Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine. As you can see, she’s already gone to work.

When circumstances are unclear and confusing, Vergine prefers to paint.

It’s difficult to find a corner at the Petrosyan home that the girl’s haven’t graced with their paint brushes.

The sisters love spending time together, learning new Rubik’s cube formulas or simply talking about this and that.

Nare’s last program at the SMART Center in Lori is marketing.

Five more programs and Vergine will be one of the few SMART citizens who have succeeded in graduating all 15 programs of the curriculum.

The group activities in the marketing program are always quite lively.

During VR Fitness – and at SMART in general – Vergine aims for the stars.

Author: Knar Babayan

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