Valerik 2*. The lord of anthropomorphs

Vahrad Melikjanyan, 26, an artist from the city of Vanadzor, seems to be a character from his own paintings and robot sculptures.

He does not even deny it. Vahrad is convinced that each artist subconsciously puts something of himself into his own created characters.

“Whoever sees the first anthropomorphic robot says that the legs are exactly the replicas of my legs,” says Vahrad with a smile, shifting his gaze from his legs smoothly to the sculpture.

All his characters live in him, he just brings them from another reality to our own reality. That is why Vahrad thinks it is pointless to give them names.

“How can we name something that does not exist in our visible reality? They live only in the reality I see,” he says.

Vahrad is interested in every type of art, but in recent months he is absorbed with anthropomorphic robots and works day and night to create them.

Vahrad’s collection of anthropomorphs will consist of 30 robots that he plans to display in an abandoned factory building.

*Vahrad’s friends’ crew also calls him Valerik. Not remembering his name is not a huge problem; call Valerik and he will for sure react.

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