Varazdat Harutyunyan. From Dzoragyugh to SMART

He is obsessed with dancing but is always in search of new adventures from studying Turkish to the theater. Meet Varazdat Harutyunayan, 14, a “veteran” of the COAF SMART Center from the village of Dzoragyugh in the Lori province.

“When I first came to SMART, I used to walk around and explore each corner. Never had I seen such an interesting and beautiful building before,” admits Varazdat.
More than SMART’s architecture, Varazdat liked the variety of its programs. Everyone can find something fitting them.
After finishing the three levels of the Dance program, he opted for the Management program.
“Though I like dancing a lot, it doesn’t limit me from having other interests and advancing in different fields. Before I apply to a dance school, I want to manage taking other programs at SMART,” reveals Varazdat, who desires to become a dance coach and travel the whole world.

Varazdat rushes home after school. He still has an English course and SMART waiting for him.
Geography class. The teacher names a country, and Varazdat shows it on the world globe. He dreams of traveling all over the world, starting from his favorite country, Egypt.
Armenian class. Varazdat has only 4 classmates. Participating in class arranged in succession doesn’t work here․
Varazdat was trying to feed the birds in their nests, but they weren’t “home”. Still, he left some food. Who knows, they might be back.
After school, Varazdat likes to play with his younger brothers. They are five brothers. Alen, 4, is fond of play-fighting with Varazdat.
As Varazdat is the eldest, he is the one taking care of the domestic animals when his father is not home. His brothers are a little afraid of the cow and say that it attacks with horns everyone but Varazdat.
Harutyunyan brothers’ favorite winter activity is sleigh riding. Seems like it’s not only them who enjoy the “party” but also Boby and Arjuk.

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